The Ultimate Guide to Taking Stylish Food Photos on Your Phone

 The Ultimate Guide to Taking Stylish Food Photos on Your Phone

No matter how much you love to cook, it’s unlikely that
you’d be excited about eating your own food. However, that doesn’t mean your
food photos have to be unappetizing. In this article, we’ll give you the
ultimate guide to taking stylish food photos on your phone. The most important
thing you have to remember when taking food photos is lighting. The right
lighting can make even the simplest food look delicious, while bad lighting can
make even the most appetizing looking meal look dull and unappetizing. So,
without further ado, let’s get started with our ultimate guide to taking
stylish food photos on your phone.

Get the Right Lighting

When it comes to taking stylish food photos, the key is getting
the right lighting. You want to have bright, indirect light that isn’t too
harsh or too dark. To get the right light, set up your photo in a room with
good natural light and then take the picture near a window. If you don’t have
access to a window, you can also use artificial lighting instead. Use lamps or
even mirrors that reflect the natural light coming into your home to give off a
similar effect.

Use a Lens for Better Photos

One of the most important aspects of taking food photos is
the focus. This means that you need to use a lens for better photos. If you use
your phone’s camera, then you will have blurry photos. A lens can help get rid
of that blur and create sharper images for your food photo. The best way to do
this is buy a phone case with a built-in lens. This case will allow you to take
crisp and clear photos without having to worry about bad lighting or focusing

 Find a Colorful Feature

One of the most effective ways to make your food look more
appetizing is by using colour. If you’re not using a colourful background or
props, add some! It doesn’t matter if it’s a green cucumber on a blue plate or
a red pepper sauce on white pasta. A splash of colour can make all the

Find an Angle That Works

The most important thing to remember when taking food photos
is lighting. If you don’t have the natural light, of course, you can use an
artificial light source in your kitchen or another room. However, make sure not
to use a flash when using natural light. A red or yellow filter might be
necessary if there’s too much blue in the background.

Don’t Be Afraid to Propose

It can be difficult to take a high-quality photograph,
especially if you’re not a professional photographer. You may be afraid to take
pictures of your food in case they turn out too dark or too light. But don’t
worry! There are ways to make sure that your food photos look appetizing and

One way is by using the “propose” function on Instagram. The
propose function will automatically modify the exposure and white balance on
your photo so that it looks better. It won’t look professionally edited, but
for a quick fix, this is an easy way to make your photos more aesthetically

Another trick you can use is putting something colorful
behind the food you want to show off. This will help highlight the dish and
make it even more eye-catching. You could also try purchasing a lightbox to
help improve photos taken in low-light settings like restaurants or bars.

Don’t Be Afraid to Edit

A common mistake when taking food photos is to only use
natural light. However, that means you’re stuck with flat lighting and harsh
shadows. To combat this problem, you can either choose a different time of day
to take pictures or use an editing app on your phone. With an editing app like
Snapseed, you can edit the photo to make it look more appealing. Just don’t
over do it and make the food too colorful or shiny, as that would be a dead
giveaway that you edited the photo. You can also fix dull or dark photos by
adding filters like “Lark” which will brighten up the picture without making it
look fake. Filters are great because they allow your photo to have a more
natural aesthetic while still improving the quality of the picture.


Taking stylish photos of food on your phone can be
challenging, but not impossible. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be on your
way to snapping delicious-looking pix in no time.

1. GET THE RIGHT LIGHTING: When shooting, try to position
your subject with a clear view of a natural or artificial light source.

2. USE A LENS FOR BETTER PHOTOS: Using the latest camera
features on your phone will allow for much more control over the focus, light
and colors in the photo.

3. FIND A COLOURFUL FEATURE: Pay attention to the colors in
your photo and try to incorporate a color that is specific to your dish, like a
green salad with red tomatoes.

4. FIND AN ANGLE THAT WORKS: Try to find an angle that
includes a different perspective and showcases more of your dish.

5. DON’T BE AFRAID TO PROPOSE: If you’re not sure what angle
to shoot from, try shooting from eye level with an engaged subject, such as an
adorable pet or child!

6. DON’T BE AFRAID TO EDIT: Editing can help you get rid of
any distracting elements in


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