Men's Fashion Trends You Need to Know This Year

 Men's Fashion Trends You Need to Know This Year

Looking back at the trends of the past season, you might be
surprised to see how many of your favorite pieces are actually old news. From
beige to black, this was the year of experimenting with color. From muted hues
to bright tones, designers broke the "rules" of what goes with what.
But while this season may have been a game-changer for menswear, it was also
pretty transitional. There are so many new trends you need to keep an eye on
this year. Here are some of the most exciting men’s fashion trends we’ll see
this year.

The menswear movement is here to stay

The menswear movement is here to stay, as designers are
looking for new ways to dress up their signature pieces. For example, a white
suit is now considered "unfinished" if it doesn't have some colorful
accents. This trend is easy to wear and will be seen on the runways more than
ever this season.

Camouflage will never go out of style

Men’s fashion has always had a military edge to it, which is
why camouflage never really goes out of style. The trend that made its rounds
this season was the A-line coat, or what we used to call a pea coat. From navy
and olive green to army and khaki, these coats are everywhere.

Beige will never go out of style

Beige is a color that never goes out of style. The most
popular beige pants this season were high-waisted and wide-legged a look that's
been around since the '70s. You’ll also see a lot of beige shirts with very
tight, short sleeves (think Hugh Hefner).

Combat boots are here to stay

If you’re not a fan of combat boots, you might want to
rethink your stance. These trendy shoes have had a major moment this past
season and are expected to have another big year in 2018. Combat boots are back
and better than ever with designers like Dries Van Noten and Gucci designing
them for the upcoming season.

Combat boots offer a way for men to show off their
rebellious side without going too far into grunge territory. They’re badass but
stylish at the same time. If you’ve been considering trying out combat boots,
now is the time!

Men's fashion trends don't just stay within one trend for
too long, so it's important to keep up with what's new or different every
season. You may love your beige accessories right now, but don't be surprised
when they're replaced by something new next year.

Black will never go out of style

Black has been around since the beginning of time, and it
never goes out of style.

We’ve seen black get a lot more attention in recent years as
designers look for ways to break up the monotony of one color. This year,
designers are taking black and making it their own.

No longer will you see all black outfits on the runway.
Designers are using textures, patterns, and embellishments to make black
outfits more interesting. When done correctly, this trend can be pretty

Designers are also exploring different options for
accessories. You may have seen red shoes paired with a black suit or even a red
tie with a white shirt. Either way, it’s always nice to see something new.

Bright T-shirts will never go out of style

While we might not have seen them at all this season, you
can expect to see bright t-shirts in the coming months. The color of your tee
might be a bit more muted or even a pastel hue, but it will be there. Think of
it as adding life (and color) to an otherwise drab outfit.

Primer will never go out of style

The idea of wearing primer on a regular basis might be a new
concept for some, but it's never going out of style. Primer is perfect for
those in search of a more dressed up look. This year, the trend is to add color
to the traditionally neutral hue. Primer is an excellent way to accessorize an
outfit with something that complements the color palette you're already


This year, men’s fashion is all about being bold and bright.
We’ve put together a list of things you need to know about men's fashion for
the new year.

1. The menswear movement is here to stay

2. Camouflage will never go out of style

3. Beige will never go out of style

4. Combat boots are here to stay

5. Black will never go out of style

6. Bright T-shirts will never go out of style

7. Primer will never go out of style

8. You know what they say: "The best defense is a good
offense." Get your hands on one of our t-shirts, tanks or sweatshirts, and
you'll be set to take on whatever the world throws your way.


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