5 Unique Ideas for Making Your Own Home Made Kitchens

 5 Unique Ideas for Making Your Own Home Made Kitchens

Do you ever feel like your kitchen or your home in general could use some extra love? Maybe you’re sick of seeing the same old cabinets,
countertops and appliances. Or maybe you just want to add a little Western
flair to your home without having to spend a ton of money. Whatever the reason,
you’ll want to check out these homemade kitchens! They’re not only super unique
and functional, they also save you money and give you a sense of satisfaction that
you simply can’t get from a store-bought item.

From a root cellar to a walk-in wine closet, these homemade
kitchens are the perfect way to transform your home and add some practical,
useful storage space at the same time. Check them out for yourself and see
which one you think would be the most fun to incorporate into your home!

Build Your Own Root Cellar

A root cellar is a super unique idea for your home. Root
cellars are typically built into the ground, and they’re perfect for storing
produce for a long time. They’re usually cool and dark, which helps to preserve
the freshness of food.

Root cellars are great additions to any home because they
can be used year-round. For example, you could store potatoes in your root
cellar during the wintertime, so you don’t have to worry about them spoiling
when it gets too cold outside. When you need them, just dig some up and fry
them in some oil or butter for a delicious side dish!

One of the best things about root cellars is that they don’t
take up much floor space — it can be just as big as an average closet. And if
you live in an area where the land is hard to come by, this is an awesome way
to use some of your unused space!

Build Your Own Walk In Wine Closet

Do you love wine? If so, then this one's for you! A walk-in
wine closet is a great way to store all of your favorite bottles without taking
up a ton of space in your home. You could also consider designing a walk-in
wine closet into the basement or another part of your house where there's extra
room. Keep in mind that most people who build their own wine closets tend to
use pre-drilled shelving

Organize Your Pantry

Do you love cooking, but your kitchen is always a mess? If
so, organizing your pantry may be the answer! With a beautiful pantry that’s
easy to navigate and has designated spots for all of your ingredients, you’ll
never spend time looking for what you need.

First things first: Clean out all of the old stuff. Remove
any expired or unused items from your pantry and set them aside in boxes. Now
it’s time to organize. You can buy shelving units to fit overtop of existing
cabinets or build some sturdy shelves on the wall. Whatever you choose, start
by laying everything out on the floor in an orderly fashion before putting it
up. Then load up your shelves with all of those items that were previously
sitting on the floor.

Once everything is organized, it will be much easier to find
what you need when you need it — without having to spend hours digging through

Make Custom Storage Units

A root cellar is a great space to store not only your
produce, but canned goods and other items as well. This root cellar can be made
out of any sturdy material; your best bet would be a dense wood like cedar or
redwood. To make this DIY kitchen even more unique, you could also add a
section for baking soda and ammonia. The whole thing will cost about $500 and
take about two weekends to complete.

Add a Walk-In Closet

Do you have any storage space that’s constantly cluttered
with things? If so, a walk-in closet can be the perfect way to clear out your
mess and make some room in your home. A walk-in closet is a great place to
store items when you’re running out of space elsewhere in the house. They also
have the added benefit of being able to create a “theme” for your clothes or

All you need for this project is an unfinished closet, some
shelving and a few tools for working with wood. Consider using plywood shelves
or installing a complete set of shelves inside the closet, depending on how
much space you want to dedicate to storing clothes.

Make a Clothes Line

This kitchen is a little more traditional, with some Western
flair and personality. The clothesline provides not only a beautiful window
view, but also a practical way to dry your clothes in the wintertime.

Make a Wine Rack

This one is perfect for all you wine lovers out there. A
wine rack can be made in any size, but we recommend a minimum of 6 inches deep
so that the bottles can rest comfortably on the shelves. If you want to go for
a more high-end look, you can use bricks or stones to line the bottom of your
wine rack and add plenty of space to store bottles. This is great if you have
lots of family and friends over who love to share a bottle or two with you!

Make a Shoe Cabinet

One way to spruce up your kitchen is by creating a shoe
cabinet. A shoe cabinet is an excellent way to give your home some added
storage while also giving your kitchen a touch of character. It’s a unique idea
that you can use anywhere in your home, not just in the kitchen. Plus, it’s
super easy to put together so you won’t have to spend hours building something
yourself! All you need for this project are some inexpensive shelving units and
some cedar boards or plywood for the exterior. You can even paint it with
high-quality acrylic paints if you want it to match your furniture or other
pieces in your home!

 Make a Smoker’s Shelter

This is a neat idea for anyone who loves to spend time
smoking meat. All you need is a small shed to create your own smoker’s shelter!
This DIY kitchen can be built from almost anything, as long as it has a roof
and walls. For example, you could use an old fence panel and some sturdy
two-by-fours, or even just an old sheet tacked up on the outside of your home.

Even if you don’t plan on using this space all the time,
it’s still a cool way to have some extra storage space in the backyard (or
wherever else you decide to put it). And if you do plan on cooking with this
DIY kitchen often, at least you won’t have to worry about keeping things tidy
inside. Just let your smoker's shelter act as both a smoker and a storage unit!


There’s no shortage of unique ideas for making your own
kitchen. And with a little creativity, you can make the perfect kitchen for
your space and your needs.

What are you waiting for? Start making your very own kitchen


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